Penile splints of various kinds are available in sex aid shops and most are not much use. Essentially they are all similar, consisting of a metal strip covered with plastic and terminating at each end in a rubber ring – in fact, rather like a glorified toothbrush! The idea is that the penis is held erect by the appliance. It usually isn’t.

Another type of appliance comes from Japan. If a man can manage some degree of erection, he slips his penis through the hole in a firm rubber ring which he then pushes down to the base of his penis where it fits tightly. The idea is that the pressure of the ring will prevent the blood draining out of his penis until the ring is released, and in this way his penis will fill with blood and become firm. It is also not very effective.

The most advanced of the penile splints was first made in England. It is called the Coitus Training Apparatus, and it is made to fit over the penis, so that the head of the penis protrudes. Some impotent men have found it helps considerably but, like all the other appliances, it is not the real answer, for the sexual disorder does not lie in the penis but in the anxious mind of the impotent man.


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